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Disclaimer: Still haven’t learned Korean so I did nothing but compile Onew’s answer from juju’s translation. To see full interview translation please search for subbingshinee. That’s amazing juju’s home and treasure place for shawols and Taemints (her bias) ^_^

[interview] SHINee Q&A with Daily Focus Readers

Onew: I don’t do any special maintenance.

– What do you do in the waiting room?

We chat or play with members. We also listen to music.

– I want to have children like SHINee. What dreams did your parents have in the conception of you? And what did you eat to grow up to become so fine?

Onew: I think it’s because I have a balanced diet without eating only what I want.

– I’m curious about your ideal types. And the reason.

Onew: I like a girl who has her own thoughts and is frank.

[Source: The Daily Focus http://www.fnn.co.kr/content.asp?aid=4c8dde9f35274349ac5733ae4d9679db – Click to increase view counts!]

– Trans by jujugal

Okay so Onew is looking for the female version of Key. Personality only, please. I think it will be scary if she looks like Key too like incest or something!

Photo of the post… hmmm…

Not the same magazine but he looks awesome so why not... Credits to TongHyun for the scan
Not the same magazine but he looks awesome so why not… Credits to TongHyun for the scan Big water mark… hard to miss… LOL!

interview] SHINee Is Like a Rainbow – on Hanako Part 2


I hope fans will see our funny side in Japan.

“Onew,” “溫流” in kanji, is a stage name that comes from his warm and gentle image. His nickname is “Tofu leader.” Fans call him so because he is white and gentle.

“Actually I’m not at all. I’m…(in Japanese) a human! Is this oyaji gag? Sorry.”

He smiles showing his characteristic intelligence. Onew-goon’s voice that is intelligent and classy is the group’s treasure. In the two sold-out rounds of SHINee’s first solo concert in Yoyogi Stadium, he sang Nessun Dorma of Turandot. This song was unexpected even to fans, and he enwrapped the stadium with his wonderful singing.

“My repertory? I have more. I’m not prepared yet, so I’ll have to practice it. I’m happy I can show what I like.”

On the stage, he announced SHINee’s Japanese debut in Japanese.

“I wanted to confirm it as leader, and think I was able to deliver it well. Our activities in Japan are a new challenge for us. I hope we can show more of our funny side.”

Last, I asked what he thinks he would have been in his past life.

“…a dandelion seed. It can feel free flying in the air and look around to see diverse things.”

He says with a face dreaming and smiling. A poetic boy with a distinct personality, that is Onew.

Side note: Thank you author for seing what we MVP see ^^

ElleGirl Japan video interview

Who is the most reliable?

Minho and Taemin answered Onew! Thank you for noticing!

Onew answered Minho! Thank you Minho because hyung can rely on you. I hope that stays that way always and forever! ^^

Who makes the most mistake?

Onew and Taemin!

Onew: We will try not to ~~

The member you want to date if you were a girl?

Minho: Onew (Onew was gigling and incredibly happy seing he chose him. Watch it and see one of his most beautiful happy smile!)

Which member looses most of his things?

OnHoKey: JjongTae (see how sweet Onew is to his magnae Taemin helping him out with the mic and nme cards)

Key: They might be loosing something right now..

Onew: They will ask us in a minute. 😀

Minho: They will loose these name cards in a minute, lol.

Who is the most meticulous?

OnTaeJjongKey: Key

Onew: He also picked himself, 🙂

Onew sang Nessun Dorma at SMTown Paris

a lot of people twitted how they were rendered speechless from his magnificent singing and hardwork.

From aprilontokki channel on YouTube news clip she subbed

The reporter from Korea said that inspite all the chaos Onew did not forget to greet them and bow, something Europeans might have fallen for (I don’t know about them but I certainly did! )

Hanako- SHINee is like a Rainbow

Hanako (H): First of all, tell us about SHINee.

Onew (On): The group name means “Those who shine by receiving light.” We’ll work hard to do activities not only on stage but also in various areas.

H: Is there anything you fell for recently?

ON: Trying everything that I see. I had a trip recently.

TVPia magazine

<Onew’s Interview>

– What made you start this work?

I was headhunted when I was attending SM Academy because I liked singing.

– What Japanese word did you memorize recently and what did you like most?

Mayuge (eye brows) / Sakura (Cherry blossoms)

– What animation do you like?

One Piece

– What are you concentrating on recently?

Listening to music. I listen to different genres of music.

– What made you laugh most recently?

When I had a trip with friends.

– Which song would you recommend to those who got to know SHINee just now?

Of course, Replay!!!!

– Message

We have had lots of experiences for three years since our debut in Korea. I think our range in performing on stage and recording songs has widened through those experiences.  We are debuting in Japan, so I’d like to have many opportunities to communicate with Japanese fans based on our experiences.

Korea airport fashion to Paris

Onew made news with his Tennis attire as key would discribe though to me it’s more like I’m going on vacation attire. He was so fresh young looking like a model student as reporters discribed him.

interview] SHINee Interview on Ori Suta June 2011

– You debuted in 2008 in Korea and will start your activities in Japan. Shall we talk about the birth of SHINee as a group?

Minho: We passed an audition or were headhunted, and then practiced as SHINee for about a year before debuting in Korea.

– You mean you are now what you are because you have practiced every day and accumulated experiences.

All: Yes!

– You had a live concert at the end of last year, which attracted more than 20,000 people even before your debut. Didn’t it make you realize your popularity in Japan?

Onew: Actually we didn’t have such a large scale live concert in Korea. The concert in Japan was our first ever. Many people came to see us even before our debut and cheered for us passionately. We were nervous in the first round, but were able to show our stages in the second round.

Onew: We didn’t know how they’d respond even on the day of our concert.

– Did you gain self-confidence?

Onew: Yes. I felt, “We made it!”, looking around the stadium crowded with audiences from the stage (laugh).

 to be continued… (I need to study and rest now)



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